HPC Advisory Council 2013

DDN will be at HPC Advisory Council Conference to help you with your storage challenges around ingesting, processing, storing, and distributing big data. We invite you to learn more about everything we’re doing to achieve the highest performance for your HPC environment, manage your scalability to meet today’s (and tomorrow’s) demanding requirements, and process more within your budget.

About HPC Advisory Council Conference 2013

March 13-15, 2013
Lugano, Switzerland

The HPC Advisory Council is a large eco-system organizations which focuses on bridging the gap between high-performance computing use and its potential, bringing the beneficial capabilities of HPC to new users for better research, education, innovation and product manufacturing, and brings users the expertise needed to operate HPC systems, provide application designers with the tools needed to enable parallel computing, and to strengthen the qualification and integration of HPC system products. The HPC Advisory Council will be presenting at the workshop, as well as distinguished speakers from the HPC research organizations and vendors.

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HPC Advisory Council Converence 2013
March 13-15, 2013

Conference Location:
Lugano Convention Centre
Piazza Indipendenza 4
6900 Lugano, Switzerland

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